Corona Care – Retailers step in to help

Retailers and Coronavirus

A steady stream of social media posts by small independent retailers have been steaming, offering to help any local elderly, infirm or isolated people.

There is even evidence of co-ordinated efforts in some areas, with friends, neighbours, country men and women stepping in to the breach.

In Dublin, journalist Helen O’Rahilly initiated a twitter campaign #selfisolationhelp.

Mace Aghalee posted on facebook “Community Spirit – Coronavirus preparations” with an email and telephone number for customers needing home deliveries to households undergoing self-isolation during the ‘delay phase’.

Pharmacies have been organising care packages for the most disadvantaged, infirm and isolated.

Stockpiling and panic buying has had a negative impact.

NI Retail Consortium’s sound twitter advice to shoppers in a nutshell – Buy responsibly (only what you need), don’t over buy, don’t get annoyed over queues, think of adding items for a food bank, think of those who can only shop weekly – overbuying causes supply problems.

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