Healthy Deal For Local Food Company

Emma Armer from the Henderson Group celebrates an exclusive deal with Karen Daly of Slender Choice

A South Armagh couple are set to have their range of healthy, locally-sourced ready meals stocked in 76 convenience stores across Northern Ireland thanks to a deal with Henderson Group.

The Mallusk-based company has announced it will stock Slender Choice products in its company-owned SPAR, EUROSPAR, VIVO and VIVOXTRA stores, the first retailer to do so in the UK.

Slender Choice is the brainchild of Karen and Frank Daly, who started their business after identifying a gap in the market for healthy and affordable ready meals. The brand is already successful through multiple and convenience chains throughout the Republic of Ireland.

The brand only uses high quality extra lean meat and poultry for its products which include ‘Cheeky Chicken Curry’, ‘Hearty Beef Stew’ and packs of pork with leek and black pepper sausages. They are marketed as a healthy choice with no oil, cream or butter, and all meat having less than one per cent fat.

Neal Kelly, Fresh Foods director of the Henderson Group, said: “It’s lovely to see people like Karen putting great new local products on our shelves. We’re here to support local suppliers to get on their feet whether it’s across one store or our entire network of our stores, and for consumers it’s all about giving them an increased choice of locally produced, quality food.”

Slender Choice will be available from  February 17.

(Pictured (L-R) are Emma Armer, Henderson Group and Karen Daly of Slender Choice)

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