Pop off Crisps! Here comes Pop Notch!

SC shareHow did Pop Notch begin?

Pop Notch was created by Declan McBride also known as the Willy Wonka of the popcorn world. Declan’s passion for popcorn came almost 20 years ago during a trip to Canada. Since then Declan has been working hard perfecting his recipe and embarking on the challenge of making the best tasting popcorn on the shelf. In 2014, Declan teamed up with Michael Heaslip at Food Stories to launch Pop Notch.

Where is Pop Notch made?

Pop Notch is a Great Taste award winning popcorn company based in the small town of Draperstown, Northern Ireland. Since launching in 2014, the company has grown from a small scale kitchen table operation to a large scale accredited production facility. The company has experienced remarkable growth due to the passion and hard work of those involved
and the great quality and taste of Pop Notch is undisputed.

MM shareWhat products are available?

Pop Notch is currently available in three delicious flavours including Marshmallow, Sweet & Salty and Salted Caramel.  Each flavour is available in two sizes; larger Share Bags for that movie night in or smaller Snack Packs perfect for those who want a tasty snack on the go.

Is the popcorn market growing?

YES! The UK sales of popcorn grew by 169% over the past five years to reach an estimated £129 million in 2015!  It really is an exciting time to be involved in the popcorn market! The facts show it’s a growing market, and customers are looking for healthier snacks that don’t substitute good taste or quality! The current decline in the crisp market highlight customers demand for “guilt free” snacking.

SS shareWhat makes Pop Notch different?

Pop Notch stands out from competitors as a young and enthusiastic company with the passion and drive to produce the highest quality and best tasting popcorn on the shelf.

·         All flavours of Pop Notch are Gluten Free and made with all natural ingredients.

·         All our caramels are made from scratch

·         We use real pieces of marshmallow not flavouring

·         Our Sweet and Salty is hand mixed.

·         We use a special kind of Argentinian mushroom corn to produce extra-large popcorn pieces (larger than other kernels on the shelf) that lock in the flavour. Meaning we can guarantee we are the tastiest popcorn! (We have two Great Taste Awards!).


Buy 5 Share Bag cases and get one completely free! Or Buy 5 Snack Pack cases and get one completely free!

Email: Info@yourfoodstories.com, Tel: +44 (0)28 91853867, Web: www.popnotch.co.uk, Twitter: @popnotchni.

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