Primark cordon reduced in Belfast

The cordon that surrounds the burnt-out Primark building in Belfast city centre has been shortened.

Parts of the city have been blocked off since August, when a fire gutted the historic Bank Buildings.

The reduction will now allow pedestrians to walk between Castle Street and Fountain Street.

Retail NI Chief Executive Glyn Roberts commented on the recent change: “This is welcome news for Castle street traders and for shoppers visiting that part of Belfast City Centre. While this is progress, there is still a lot of work ahead and it is unfortunate that a number of traders remain unable to open in the Cordon.

“Retail NI will continue to lobby for the establishment of a City Rejuvenation fund to fully repair the damage done by the Primark fire and help create a new and competitive 21st century Belfast City Centre.”

Another change to the cordon is to be carried out at the end of March, with the footpath from the corner of Donegall Place to the corner of Fountain Street reopening in four weeks’ time.

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