Sainsbury’s reclaim position as UK’s second largest supermarket

Sainsbury’s is now the second largest supermarket in the UK, research has revealed.

According to Kantar, the chain regained it’s position from Asda in recent weeks.

The two chains had their attempt to merge blocked by a British competition watchdog last week, out of concern that the partnership would cause prices to skyrocket for consumers.

The two companies have been neck-and-neck for some time. Last month, Asda overtook Sainsbury’s, but in the 12 weeks to April 21, Sainburys hreclaimed second slot with a 15.4% compared with Asda’s 15.2%.

The discount chains remain a threat however, with Lidl’s market share hitting a new high of 5.7%,

Across the board, sales boomed in the grocery market over the holiday period, with total year-on-year sales increasing by 2% during the Easter week.

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