McKays awarded by National Lottery

Camelot CEO Nigel Railton with Natalie McKay.

With the recent troubles that Belfast city centre has seen within the retail sector, it is heartening to see an independent, local retailer, in this case, McKays confectionary prospering in uncertain times.

McKays has been recently awarded a plaque to recognise the incredible efforts they have achieved in helping fund community efforts.

McKay's Lotto plaque presentation.

The Belfast City Centre store that has raised over £2m for good causes with the help of the National Lottery team.

Nigel Railton, CEO of National Lottery operator Camelot, presented Belfast retailer Natalie with a plaque to celebrate her store’s National Lottery players – who have raised more than £2m for Good Causes since The National Lottery’s launch in 1994.

Natalie, proprietor of McKays, in Queens Arcade, Belfast, said she was delighted that she and her customers had been able to make such a difference to people and projects across the UK.

Natalie and her staff always work hard to support The National Lottery – they have hand-painted National Lottery imagery on their shop windows and create bespoke POS for Rollovers and event draws.

Without the support of the National Lottery it is clear that the shop would never have been able to reach such a staggering figure, and both, I’m sure are eternally grateful for the mutual support.

McKay is a family-run business and it is great to see independents make such an impact. The local business has no intentions of stopping their incredible efforts regarding helping good causes.

Each week, National Lottery players raise around £30m for Good Causes. Over £38bn has now been raised and more than 535,000 individual grants have been made across the UK – that’s around 190 projects in every postcode area.

Why so popular?

NR visited McKays whilst they were being presented the award, and it is of no surprise that they are frequently full to the brim with customers.

The tentative staff understand their demographic and continually provide a personalised greeting to the plethora of people entering the venue.

Whether this be a friendly hello and remembering the usual order or a quick chat about how someone’s children are doing, it takes you back to a time when retail

McKays keeps a loyal following due to the feeling of taking a step back in time to a family run business and old-fashioned sweet shop with rows and rows of yesteryears confectionary.

Sold by 100g weight McKays offer a mouth-watering selection including bonbons, toffees, boiled sweets, rock, fudge, clove rock, brandy balls and real midget gems to name but a few. Along with all the modern amenities that a retailer such as this would have to provide.

McKays is one of the few established specialist tobacconists in the city centre and boasts the only walk-in humidor in Belfast.

This truly is a bit of wonderful news considering the troubles that some retailers have recently faced in the city centre, and long may it continue.

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