Tesco reopens as Primark Cordon sees further reduction

Tesco Metro in Belfast has opened its doors almost nine months after closing following the Primark Bank Buildings fire.

14 stores surrounding the Primark building were forced to close after the devastating blaze last summer. However, the the safety cordon surrounding the burnt out building saw further reduction this month, allowing more stores to reopen for business.

Retail NI Chief Executive Glyn Roberts said: “We still have a long road ahead and Retail NI will continue to lobby for the establishment of a Rejuvenation Fund for that part of the city centre.”

“Retail NI is very ambitious for Belfast and we believe that a 21st Century city centre can be created with a dynamic retail and hospitality offer. There is no reason, with the right investment and partnership that Belfast couldn’t be in the top ten of retail destinations in the UK.”

“Top of our list is creating the conditions so that more independent retailers could locate in the City Centre to offer something different and distinctive to consumers. We will be engaging with the newly elected Belfast City Councillors to outline how this could be achieved.”

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