A saviour for menthol smokers

A saviour for menthol smokers

EDGE is launching a brand new, first-of-its kind vape device, the Hybrid. Born out of consumer demand, this device is set to transform the vaping experience.

Menthol cigarettes were banned in the UK this year on 20th May. The ban came into effect both to prevent young people from smoking and to reduce the number of people taking up the habit. Around 24.5 per cent of all smokers currently use some form of menthol cigarette or rolling tobacco whether menthol flavoured or a capsule ‘crushball’ filter.

Experts predict that, following the ban, most menthol smokers will turn to regular tobacco flavoured cigarettes or the less harmful, menthol flavoured vape devices.
Vape devices remain unaffected by the ban; they are a good alternative for people who are seeking to quit smoking, which, according to Public Health England is 60 per cent of smokers. Public Health England also states – ‘E-cigarettes are 95 per cent safer than cigarettes.’

In a recent survey conducted by NextGEN360, 40% of respondents claimed to vape, and occasionally smoke socially. Within this pool of experienced vapers – almost half of stated the ‘feel’ of vaping on the lips deterred them from further vaping consumption. This shows even those who use vape devices may not be wholly satisfied with their vape and continue to benchmark their overall experience to that of a traditional cigarette.

Bridging the Experience Gap for Transitional Smokers

The EDGE Hybrid bridges the gap between a conventional cigarette and a vaping device. It is the first on the market to incorporate a filter into the mouthpiece, creating a familiar cigarette-like experience – perfect for those making the switch who haven’t managed to do so in the past.

The ultrafine, microfibre filter tip features a crushball – giving the user the power to customise each vape. By squeezing the filter tip, creating a satisfying click, the capsule releases an icy cool menthol flavour to enhance the vape and provide a familiar menthol experience.

The device is convenient with its compact, sleek exterior and lightweight design. Its stylish look and feel makes it the most premium device on the UK market yet.

The device is easy to use and fuss-free – simply Click and Go! The device has a long-life battery capacity making it suitable for an all-day vape. It houses a flavoured nicotine pod, available in 12-18mg, and is specifically designed to be leak-free. Vapour is filtered through the tip for an authentic experience without the harmful effects of heating or burning tobacco. The EDGE Hybrid pods are available in 3 of our best-selling flavours – Menthol, Tobacco and Blackcurrant.