Apprenticeships in retail? Explore the options during Apprenticeships Week

Apprenticeships in retail? Explore the options during Apprenticeships Week

Adrian Grove, Business Development Director of leading national Recruitment and Training Solutions Provider, Qube Learning, offers advice on what Apprenticeships are, how to apply, and their benefits.

Could having an apprentice learn the retail trade be a boost for your store?

‘An Apprenticeship allows anyone, from any background, at any age, to sign up. With National Apprenticeship Week here, we are championing this less conventional route into learning, and below is an insight into what they entail.’

An apprenticeship in retail management?

An Apprenticeship is designed to enhance competency and confidence, allowing you to upskill within your current role by developing your practical skills and knowledge.

Apprenticeships offer a practical alternative to university, and a fast route into a career of your choice. They provide you with a number of great, tangible benefits, whether you are an existing employee in a business, or someone who has just left school or college. They are a 16+ programme for people that know what type of work they want to do, but need skills, knowledge, and experience in the workplace.

An Apprenticeship is a great way for someone to work their way up. Retail and customer service, catering, administration and HR are options to be explored for any retailer considering taking on an apprentice in-store.