Collapsing devolution is ‘not an option’ – Retail NI

Collapsing devolution is ‘not an option’ – Retail NI
Retail NI Chief Executive Glyn Roberts - concerned about economic stability and impact on retailers if devolution collapses again

Retail NI has spoken out following the threat to devolution later this autumn – stating that it’s not an option and would de-stabilise the economy in the midst of the pandemic.

Chief Executive, Glyn Roberts said:

‘Collapsing devolution during a global pandemic is simply not an option to be considered. The resulting political instability would have a detrimental impact on our already fragile economy and hinder recovery efforts

“Leadership is all about finding solutions and not problems. We need to redouble our collective efforts to find a long-lasting durable solution to the problems around the NI Protocol”

“Increased engagement to find a long-term solution should be the central focus of Governments, EU, Political parties and the Business community” he said.