Community pharmacists rise to the vaccine challenge – Swann

Community pharmacists rise to the vaccine challenge – Swann
Swann praises role of commuity pharmacies in vaccine roll-out Health Photo by Kelvin Boyes / Press Eye.

Health Minister Robin Swann has praised the contribution made by community pharmacists to the outstanding success of the vaccination programme.

Since they began delivering jabs at the end of March, Northern Ireland’s network of community pharmacies have delivered more than 100,000 doses of Astra Zeneca vaccine.

Plans are also being finalised for the Moderna vaccine to be available via a series of community pharmacy hubs in Northern Ireland. This will be in place later this month, as a further initiative in the final push to drive up vaccination take up rates.

The Health Minister said: “These are tremendous landmarks for our GPs and community pharmacists who have played invaluable roles in driving forward the vaccination programme. I want to thank them sincerely for everything they are doing to help get as many as people vaccinated as quickly as possible.

“Hundreds of doctors and pharmacists in every part of Northern Ireland have risen to the challenge of delivering a total of more than 900,000 jabs between them while continuing to provide vital services to people in their communities at a time of very significant pressure throughout our health and social care system.”

At the end of March, more than 350 community pharmacies joined the vaccination programme and have now delivered 100,658 jabs, of which 67,126 are first doses.

Patricia Donnelly, Head of the Covid-19 Vaccination Programme, said: “We are indebted to our pharmacy colleagues for the dedication and flexibility they’ve shown as we’ve rolled out vaccines to all of our target groups.

“Along with Trust vaccination centres and the growing number of mobile walk-in clinics which require no prior booking, community pharmacies continue to be central to our efforts to get at least 90% of the population jabbed this summer.

“The plans to make the Moderna vaccine available in pharmacies shortly will really help us to reach as many people as possible in a way that’s really easy and convenient for them.”