Pack up your troubles?

Pack up your troubles?
Would supermarkets leave NI if we've no deal?

Fears that supermarkets could leave Northern Ireland refuted

Cold Water has been poured on fears that some supermarkets could pack up and leave Northern Ireland, depending on the outcome of the Brexit chaos.

Some retail analysts have reported that if a deal is not signed off, it has potential to cause a crisis in the food industry.

However, supermarkets such as Tesco have been quick to assure customers that they remain committed to Northern Ireland.

Stand off

Talks over a trade deal with the EU remain in the balance amid a stand-off. One retail analyst voiced concerns that some supermarkets would withdraw from NI as early as next month if there is no clarity regarding the border, and trade between GB and NI, and vice versa.

However this appears to be nothing more than hearsay, as no supermarket chain has made any public indication that they would leave Northern Ireland imminently.