Something rotting in the state of Brexit? Some breathing space for sausage situation

Something rotting in the state of Brexit? Some breathing space for sausage situation
Tesco reported 50,000 tonnes of food waste in seven days

The UK has formally requested a further three months to resolve the bitter Brexit row with Brussels over the sale of sausages in Northern Ireland, according to The Guardian. Brexit minister, Lord Frost, has written to the EU with an official request to extend the grace period to 30 September for the sale of sausages produced in Great Britain in Northern Ireland supermarkets. The EU is considering the request.

The EU had allowed mandatory checks on fresh food to be phased in over six months. The UK said an outright ban on chilled meats would be“bonkers”. The ban was due to come into force at the end of June.

Tesco has said it will still be able to service its business in Northern Ireland if chilled meat products from Great Britain are banned from sale. Chief executive Ken Murphy told the BBC the supermarket had already been able to switch to local sources for “challenging” products.  Fresh sausages and other chilled meats from GB are to be banned under the terms of the NI Protocol in July, if the extension until October is not forthcoming.

Two other major supermarkets are now sourcing almost all their sausages locally for sale in Northern Ireland.

Meanwhile surplus food that was destined for EU markets is stacking up and being sold cheap by discounters such as Oops, the discounter based in the North West of England. Food originally destined for Europe is said to be making up 25% of Oops’ stock, as major manufacturers and suppliers struggle with Brexit red tape and tariffs.

Furthermore, a shortage of hauliers is also resulting in major food waste issues, Tesco has told Westminster ministers. Nearly 50,0000 tonnes of food waste was binned over one week in June.

The Road Haulage Association has echoed Tesco’s concerns. During an industry-wide round table with ministers last week, organised by the Department of Transport, Tesco highlighted that 48 tonnes of food had been wasted in just seven days.

The Road Haulage Association stated that ‘there is an absolute danger to the UK supply chain on which we all depend.’

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