We team up with Camelot to launch the NR Awards

We team up with Camelot to launch the NR Awards

The clock is ticking down to the Neighbourhood Retailer Awards – and platinum sponsor Camelot is among the many companies who are looking forward to the big night.

Launching the Awards, the lottery giant says it’s looking forward to celebrating the fantastic achievements and hard work of all the nominees.

Almost 28 years on from the launch of The National Lottery, Camelot paid tribute to its retail partners and the support they provide.

“Over the years, in selling tickets to their customers, retailers have played an enormous part in the ongoing success of The National Lottery, a success that has led to over £46 billion being raised for Good Cause projects,” retail director Jenny Blogg says.

“In the last financial year (2020/21), 1,480 projects in Northern Ireland were awarded over £39.8 million of National Lottery funding, including: over £16 million for projects to support young people, £6.7 million for projects for the elderly and £5.2 million for projects to help those with disabilities.

“At Camelot, we continue to support our retail partners in every way that we possibly can, especially our independent retailers – who we know have found the past few years challenging.

Working alongside Neighbourhood Retailer to acknowledge excellence amongst retailers in Northern Ireland, we have the perfect opportunity to help showcase the exceptional work of National Lottery retailers and celebrate all their hard work and contribution to society by selling National Lottery products.”

Judith Mercer, who runs a convenience store and newsagent at Cregagh in east Belfast, says she is looking forward to the Awards after being invited as a guest of Camelot.

“It’s been three years since the last one. We love to go and we’re being invited this year by Camelot – it will be lovely to be with them and see all the winners,” she says.

“It’s lovely to see all the retailers getting together and those who are up for prizes. It’s a really, really good night and I think everybody enjoys it. We’ve all been working really hard and running our businesses since lockdown and it will be nice to get a few glad-rags on and get the dancing shoes on.”

Judith sits on the retail committee set up by Camelot to hear views from its retailers, with representatives both from the multiples and the independent retail sector across the UK.

“ A lot of the time you don’t get to see the other side of the coin but it has opened up for me just how much work Camelot actually put into providing the lottery,” she says.

“It just works automatically for us and it does drive sales for us and that’s why I believe they are a great company to work with.

“Looking on the other side of the aisle, it has made me just a bit more impressed with how much work they actually do. Everybody who works for Camelot is very committed to the brand.”

Caption: Neighbourhood Retailer Managing Editor Bill Penton joins independent retailer Judith Mercer and Gareth Burnside from Camelot to launch the Neighbourhood Retailer awards