Americold enters long-term partnership with Culina to run Lurgan transport operation

Americold enters long-term partnership with Culina to run Lurgan transport operation

The move is part of a restructuring of the business, which was previously known as Agro and, before that as Sawyers Transport, and is expected to result in a number of job losses.

In a letter to staff, reported by the Irish News, Americold’s Europe managing director Hans Kroes said that as part of the Culina partnership, subject to a full consultation process, “some colleagues associated with the transport operation may transfer across under TUPE regulations”.

“Americold will strive to ensure that concerns are minimised through a thorough consultation process in partnership in partnership with Culina Group. During the days and weeks ahead, the company will share information as and when it becomes available.

“It is envisaged that the consultation period will conclude no later than the end of July and after full Americold executive leadership approval.”

With an overall turnover of more than £2.2 billion, a combined workforce of 22,000 staff, around 20 million square feet of warehousing and a joint fleet of more than 5,500 vehicles, Culina Group a market leading position in the FMCG logistics sector.

Culina has an operation close to Americold at Silverwood business part in Lurgan.

Mr Kroes added in his statement: “Culina Group are one of the UK’s leading logistics businesses and this partnership will allow Americold to focus on our core business in frozen warehousing.

“Operational colleagues from Culina will be on site at Lurgan supporting Amercold during the consultation process, and our own senior management team will als be on site this week to answer any questions that may arise as we work through the transfer process.”