Annual PayPoint retailer survey is now live

Annual PayPoint retailer survey is now live

PayPoint has invited its 28,000 strong UK retailer partner network to complete its annual survey.

This annual survey invites PayPoint retailer partners to give direct feedback to the company on overall customer experience and satisfaction, as well as suggestions on how to improve operations.

The survey, independently conducted by Savanta, takes respondents approximately 15 minutes to complete and also offers the chance to win one of 30 £100 Amazon vouchers in return for their time. It will be open until Friday 2nd June 2023.

The process of gathering feedback from retailers is of huge strategic importance to the PayPoint business as it strives to provide the best services and features it can. Historically, feedback has influenced the below tangible changes from the business:

Enhanced opportunities to earn

Launch of new commission-earning services, including the Counter Cash service, MyStore+ app, digital voucher sales and increased parcel volumes. As well as these services providing high value services to local communities, they have enabled retailers to boost their bottom-line revenue during a time of economic uncertainty, with total commission up 25% year-on-year.

Balance of contract charges

Balance of contract charges being reduced and simplified when they apply, giving retailer partners a more straightforward understanding of what to expect, and lower cost for the removal of devices and services from stores.

Increased visits from relationship managers

The survey has told them that retailers have emphatically appreciated this change, with a positive NPS and over a third finding the visits extremely helpful, so PayPoint has increased the number of visits that they make to hear from retailers directly and help them utilise the many new services in store to generate additional revenue.

Ben Ford, PayPoint’s Retail Services Director, said: “The success of our retailer partners is intrinsically tied to the success of the wider PayPoint business. We want to support them to thrive and grow revenues over the coming year and this survey is the key opportunity that they have to tell us what’s working, plus what can be improved upon.

“There is clear value in participating in the survey, demonstrated by our track record of implementing tangible changes like the ones above. I look forward to reviewing the responses and encourage every retailer in our network to try and find the time to engage with it.”