Asda’s new ‘bulk buy’ concept skips Northern Ireland – for now

Asda’s new ‘bulk buy’ concept skips Northern Ireland – for now

ASDA has been opening cash-and-carry style trials across the UK. The bulk buy concept rivals the likes of Macro – but Northern Ireland isn’t on the list – yet.

The Deal Depot concept will cover bulk buying, multipacks, and exclusive wines. There is no membership fee or need to sign up to take advantage of the new concept. The stores sell big multi-packs, wholesale cases, catering packs, and plus-size consumer lines.

The cashless stores use “Scan & Go” technology, with a quicker, streamlined shopping experience.

This is part of a year-long trial, which if successful will be expanded. It comes after the first The Deal Depot store opened in January.

Debra Lees, senior director of wholesale and convenience at Asda said: “Following a successful trial at Asda Cardiff, we’re evolving the bulk buy concept to offer a range of bestselling and popular products within a further 10 store. These stores will receive selected bulk lines such as Nicky Elite toilet roll, Fairy Platinum dishwasher tabs, and large boxes of crisps, which help to fulfill a ‘stock up’ mission alongside our core grocery offer.

“The trial in our Cardiff store has shown there is demand from customers for bigger packs to help them benefit from even better savings when purchasing common pet, household, snacking and cleaning products in larger quantities.”

Ten more The Deal Depot aisles will be added to UK stores, as well as a second store that was opening in Crotyon, Cardiff. Trial depots will open at York, Bootle, Milton Keynes, Toryglen, Dumbarton. Thurmaston, Stowmarket, Rugby, Leyton, and Bedminster.

Northern Ireland is not on the list for local trials currently.

The trial will bring a range of nearly 40 lines to Asda’s York store.

The supermarket also plans to make a selection of bulk buy products available online for customers receiving home shopping deliveries from the trial stores.

A Bristol store was opened earlier in the year to test the new concept.