Belfast dessert shop saved from closure after lifeline from local business chief

Belfast dessert shop saved from closure after lifeline from local business chief

A popular west Belfast dessert shop has been saved from closure after a generous offer of help from a local man.

Grainne from Patisserie G based at Beechmount Avenue took to social media to share the good news, after revealing a man who is the CEO of Amcomri Group Limited offered to pay the establishment’s electricity bill.

The local coffee and cake spot had been due to close for good as soon as this Saturday but will now reopen fully this Monday.

It marks a remarkable turnaround for one business after the raft of closures impacting on local companies across Northern Ireland in recent weeks as a result of rising costs.

The news was greeted with joy by the many hundreds who commented in response to the post on social media.

In a post on Facebook, the business owner wrote: “I was all set to close the Patisserie on Saturday, heartbroken not just because of the work I put in everyday, but the people I’d be letting down with breakfast club, the ones who come in just to off load because there’s no one at home, the kids, entrepreneurs club, book club, our regulars, the women’s group,” she wrote.

“I got a message and phone call from the son of a man who was born into Amcomri Street. He is now the CEO of a major company. The Amcomri Group. The McGowans are willing to pay our electricity bills and keep the Patisserie open.

“I went from emotional thanking him to: ‘Is this a joke’, to whoa, no thank you is big enough.

“It’s been a rollercoaster, a few of my adorable customers have pointed out last week how tired I looked. So I’m taking this week off to recharge, breathe, do some work in the Patisserie that needs sorted.

“A massive thank you to everyone who bought gifts/donations. I am actually cut to the bone because they were for closing and they turned into ‘staying open’ gifts. As if I’m not socially awkward enough receiving gifts but thank you from the bottom of my heart.

“Reopening Monday 3 October. Breakfast club on, Halloween decorating classes on, young entrepreneurs club Halloween week on.

“But how incredible to those kids in the club to have someone like [the] McGowans to look up to. Never be afraid to reach further than the stars. I said from the first day in the entrepreneurs club, it doesn’t matter where you live, with hard work and dedication you can be anything you want to be.”