BLOCKED DRAINS “not my problem!”

BLOCKED DRAINS “not my problem!”

Ensure your kitchen/ factory has compliant Grease Management System in place.

Water Companies are employing Sewer Misuse Teams to protect their assets. Some are contemplating introducing an extra charge to be levied on Food Outlets.

Introducing the Bio Hydro-Mechanical Grease Trap from the Manufacturers Aluline, GM Services, it is prudent to keep your premises compliant with current legislation

As government guidelines, ease and Commercial Kitchens begin to operate again, make sure your premises are up to date with the latest compliant Grease Management System to help protect your business during this difficult time.

The purpose of a Grease Management System is to prevent Food, Oil, and Grease (FOG) entering the Public Sewer System causing blockages,(“ Fatbergs”) damage to treatment plants, blocked pumps, and environmental pollution of waterways and beaches.

If your business is found to be allowing FOG to enter the Public Sewer System you could be looking at extra water charges fines or even a court appearance.

All equipment in a kitchen must be trapped to contain FOG The Bio Hydro-Mechanical System from Aluline can be located on waste pipes to contain  FOG  at source…

Designed to regulate wastewater in a commercial kitchen, the Grease Trap also ensures that mayonnaise, sauces, emulsified oils, and soups do not contaminate pipework. This encourages the use of best practices by staff.

If a Water Company checks inspection points and finds contamination or excess suspended solids your business may suffer and costs mount.

Each company has different Grease Management needs so make sure you speak with an expert in this area, who can advise the best solution for your business based on the many varying factors including, kitchen environment, menu, cuisine, temperature, pipe sizes, and budget.

Caroline Clark Director said: “We aim to stop FOG from entering the drainage system and causing blockages. The cost of Grease Management is now a reality that prudent premises owners and tenants will sensibly include within their budgets. Speak with one of our trusted advisors today on how to get the most from your Grease Management System with Aluline Ltd.”

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