Bobby’s Foods introduces innovative Yummy Bars to their range

Bobby’s Foods introduces innovative Yummy Bars to their range

A delicious new, reduced sugar chocolate vitamin bar which empowers guilt-free snacking.

Bobby’s is excited to announce they have signed a deal to exclusively distribute the innovative Yummy chocolate vitamin bar within the convenience channel.

Yummy Bars are a completely new and breakthrough concept in confectionery, born from two parents’ desire to provide tasty, healthier chocolate alternatives for their children.

So, what makes the Yummy Bar different?

The Yummy Bar is unique and is a revolutionary product within the confectionery category, nothing like it exists on the market today. Each bar contains 1/3 less sugar than leading brands and is packed with 50% of a child’s recommended daily vitamins.

Available from Bobby’s in two fantastic flavours, caramel and strawberry. Yummy Bars are made using high-quality cocoa beans and contain no artificial flavours or colours. In addition, they are also nut and gluten-free as well as being suitable for vegetarians.

The product has already received great reviews from those who attended the Nisa Expo, with many retailers registering interest in stocking the new products.

Bobby’s is supporting the launch with a perfectly sized FSDU, measuring 1500mm H, 330mm W x 310mm D. This compact stand displays 12 SRPs, each holding 24 bars, generating £288 at retail.

Bobby’s Marketing Manager, Carmelina Mancini commented “Yummy bars are the result of a little bit of science and a lot of innovation which has resulted in a healthier chocolate offering. We have witnessed an increasing demand from consumers for healthier confectionery alternatives that still deliver on taste, Yummy Bars are that product.”