Customers queued out the door to see launch of revamped Craig’s Costcutter

Customers queued out the door to see launch of revamped Craig’s Costcutter

The revamped Craig’s Costcutter store in Waterside had customers queuing out of the doors when they opened their doors during lockdown 2021.

The new 500 square metre shop, built to the rear of the older store,  opened on St Patrick’s Day last year when the lockdown was still in place.

“When we opened, there was a lot of interest – there were queues outside the door and we had to have someone on the door nearly steady. Basically the first few weeks were just crazy – everybody wanted out of the house to look at something!” Andrew Craig says.

“It was tricky for everybody, you just had to keep on putting people on the door.”

At the time the shop was dealing with the pandemic restrictions and offering deliveries to its most vulnerable customers.

“We had only opened that shop and it was probably 9-10 months after the pandemic started, so there was a month when we were completely closed,” Andrew says.

“It’s your standard shop, deli, off licence, big fruit and veg section, all your standard confectioneries, wee post office in the corner, a wee ice cream counter.

“We’re actually making our own ice cream now too called Daisy Moos, that was just done for that shop. There’s a bigger range of deli food.”

On the forecourt itself are two double pumps selling petrol, diesel and kerosene.

“We don’t sell any Ad Blue at the minute, but we’ll probably get a stand on site. We haven’t actually got that sorted yet, we’re just trying to get everything sorted at the minute,” Andrew says.

“There are two car washes at the back – just a pull up self service, the power hose and the foam brush.”

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