Derry dessert and juice bar closing doors due to ‘crippling costs’

Derry dessert and juice bar closing doors due to ‘crippling costs’

A smoothie and juice bar in Londonderry is closing its doors next weekend as a result of the “crippling costs of energy and stock”.

Shake N Frappe on Carlisle Road in the city announced the news on social media on Wednesday, just under a year after the business was hit hard by a fire at premises next to their store.

While the Carlisle Road bar is closing, the Northland Road premises will remain open.

In a statement on social media, the dessert shop owners Rachael and Gary said they were “devastated”.

“It has unfortunately become a familiar story in the retail and small business industry in general, that the ever-increasing crippling costs of energy and stock, added to the already high costs of having a city centre shop have just pushed it towards being unviable,” they wrote.

“We haven’t had the smoothest of years as a new business opening but are so proud of what we have managed to achieve and maybe in a different economic climate we would not be taking this decision, but summer should have been our high season and we know the winter will only get even more difficult.

“Our little town has also still not fully recovered from the pandemic and we know all our customers are feeling the pinch.

“The stress and sacrifices being made in order to keep two shops afloat is having a negative impact on our family life and it’s our kids who are losing out on quality time with their parents.

“Therefore, we have made this difficult decision as a family and are doing what is right for us at this time.

“Northland Road shop (the OG shop) will be staying open as normal and we hope to be able to give it a little revamp in September so keep an eye on our fb [Facebook] page for updates on that.

“Thank you to everyone who has called in to Carlisle Road and supported us over this last year, we hope to see you all up there over the next 11 days before doors close.”

Meanwhile, Portadown café The Apple Patch announced their closure in November, saying they had made the decision due to “continually rising costs and difficulties recruiting new staff”.

“It has been truly heart-breaking to make this decision,” owner Kerry wrote.

“I really want to thank all our customers, all our staff (past and present), friends and family, neighbouring businesses, landlord and suppliers for their help and support over the past five years. It has been an exciting journey and would not have been possible without you all.”