Flavour review by ELFBAR to phase out sweet flavours of products

Flavour review by ELFBAR to phase out sweet flavours of products

ELFBAR have confirmed they are phasing out some sweet flavours of their products, in a continued bid to reduce their appeal to children and young people.

The move comes ahead of the government consultation on new laws for vapes and tobacco, which concludes on 6th December.

A spokesperson for ELFBAR said the company had been “reviewing and continue to review our flavour descriptors”.

“As such, we are renaming and phasing out some flavours from our products. This is a continuation of our efforts to limit their appeal to children, while being mindful that flavours play a critical role for adult smokers and ex-smokers on their journey to quit smoking,” said the spokesperson.

“We are also planning to apply this flavour description review to LOST MARY and will provide updates accordingly.”

The Generational Smoking Ban proposal has been open for consultation since mid-October and the consultation period ends on Wednesday 6th December. The proposed legislation would make it illegal for anyone born on or after 1st January 2009 to ever be sold tobacco products at any point in their lives. The consultation also includes a series of proposals to clamp down on the sale and use of vapes by children and young people including restrictions on flavours, display, packaging and disposable vapes.


Ahead of the consultation period ending, the ELFBAR spokesperson added: “We believe that the governments across the UK should move forward with introducing a full licensing regime for vaping – and that crafting a framework akin to the one for alcohol is the right course of action.

“It is not acceptable that vapes are sold widely in premises that have little or no experience of selling age restricted products. Vapes are a smoking cessation tool for use by smokers and ex-smokers.

“We also believe that the introduction of such a regime would help reduce the potential of children getting access to vapes and make it easier for the authorities to better police the sale of vaping products. Furthermore, we believe that it would have benefits in tackling the growing illicit vape market and help with driving increased rates of vape recycling.

“Such a move has the overwhelming support of the public, with research conducted last month showing 83% of the adult UK population endorsing such an approach. It also has the support of key agencies, including those responsible for current vape enforcement.”

They added they would be making their views on licensing known to the government in their consultation submission, and would call for a “significant increase in the sanctions” for those found selling to children.

“We are determined to play a full role in addressing recent concerns around vaping and stand ready to work with national and local governments to bring about a tightened and strengthened regime for the sale of vaping products.”