Fuel prices in Northern Ireland are lowest on average in UK

Fuel prices in Northern Ireland are lowest on average in UK

Northern Ireland pump prices are the lowest on average in the UK, new figures have revealed.

Prices have dropped across the UK by approximately 15p per litre since the highs of early July, and are predicted to fall to the 160p range within a number of weeks.

According to the Consumer Council and motoring firms, the average price for unleaded in Northern Ireland has dropped to below 170p for the first time since the end of May.

However, the AA, while welcoming the “good news” on petrol, warned that diesel remains high across the UK, though Northern Ireland is posting the lowest of all regions.

Some forecourts here are now offering a litre of unleaded for under 160p, with one at 155p.

The lower prices provide some relief for motorists who were paying nearly £100 earlier this summer to fill a tank, but it’s still a distant memory from £1 a litre in the early days of the pandemic.

The average price of unleaded here is 168.85p, according to figures by Forecourt Trader. This compares to highs of 175p in other areas, with the nearest at just under 172p.

Diesel prices on average are 179.1p, lower than across the UK where it is hovering in the mid-180s.

The Consumer Council, in its weekly tracker, reports an average price of 169.2p for unleaded and 178.3p for diesel.

According to the tracker, the lowest average for petrol was found in Omagh (162.4p) and the highest was in Banbridge (173.9p).

For diesel users, the lowest average is in Armagh (171.9p) and the highest, at 182.6p, was in Banbridge.

Peter McClenaghan, director of infrastructure and sustainability at the Consumer Council, warned that price drops might not continue.

“Petrol and diesel prices have declined slightly in recent weeks, which is welcome news,” he said.

“However, this could also be short-lived. The global oil market continues to fluctuate while remaining at high-price levels.”