Have a very vegan Christmas

Have a very vegan Christmas
Demand for meat free, vegan alternatives set to soar this Christmas and New Year

Then there’s veganuary…

With sack loads of new vegan varieties being launched for the Christmas market – and with increasing numbers of people pledging a ‘flexitarian’ diet to help save the planet, and with New Year’s resolutions coming up – the rise in demand for meat-free, plant based alternatives is soaring.

Meat producers are also adapting their marketing and new product development strategies to accommodate demand – with new meatless ‘pork pies’ made with pea protein to the highly popular Naked Bacon range, and the forthcoming opening of a factory bringing hundreds of new jobs to Downpatrick – for Finnebrogue Artisan.

Knorr has just launched a trio of vegan friendly liquid seasonings – deep smoke, Miso Mushroom and Rich Vegetable.

Changing tastes, more local food sourcing and the apparent health credentials of a vegan/vegetarian diet are all helping to speed the shift in consumer habits – making vegan more mainstream and appealing.

Surge in demand

The last few years has seen vegan demand surge – fast forward from the days when being a ‘vegan’ was viewed as a fringe-fad to becoming the fastest growing category out there.

Veganuary in January always sees a rush for new product launches.

January 2020 saw Chicago Pizza, Kettle Crisps and a host of other major brand names launch their vegan options. Supermarkets have all been quick to get in on the act adding plant-based, meat free ranges of their own.

Asda is launching 48 vegan products for Christmas alone.


Now, plant-based party foods, main dishes and puddings are on offer from supermarkets to small independents, the most tempting vegan Christmas ranges are on offer.

From Plant Chef to Wicked Kitchen’s No Beef Wellington or No Turkey Roast Crown for main course and heaven knows how many diary free cakes, chocolates, and other vegan options are now on the market – from vegan Advent Calendars. Plant Pioneers is another leading brand name – gone are the days when the only options were Quorn or Linda McCartney’s vegetarian ranges. Aldi is even doing vegan hampers.

It’s a clear case of simple supply and demand rule of basic economics.

Now, Northern Ireland is shaping up to be a leading supplier of vegan food via Finnebrogue Artisan near Downpatrick. It’s Naked Bacon range is constantly growing in popularity, with a new Naked ‘ham’ range now available.

The 2020’s may have got off to a challenging start, but there’s no denying, by 2030 the vegan way of life will be mainstream. This is the decade when we’ll see demand for meat free soar – so be prepared.