Hinch Distillery marks St Patrick’s Day with Boston takeover and international awards

Hinch Distillery marks St Patrick’s Day with Boston takeover and international awards
Niall Martindale, Interim managing Director, firmus energy is pictured with Dr Terry Cross OBE, Chairman, Hinch Distillery. Hinch Distillery collected the Small Company Best New Product award for Hinch Whiskey.

Hinch Distillery is celebrating this St Patrick’s Day as it emerges that Boston is its best-selling state in America for its whiskey and gin brands.

The news comes as the Massachusetts city relaunches its annual St Patrick’s Day parade after a two-year break due to the pandemic and just as the distillery celebrates receiving top international spirits awards for its gins.

Hinch Distillery which produces a host of Hinch Whiskey varieties and Ninth Wave Gin, will celebrate its Boston takeover with a live stream direct to Boston.

The great state of Massachusetts and the Irish Whiskey consumers who live there have embraced the story of Hinch Distillery, making it the number one State in the Union for the Distillery’s brands.

The cream on the cake for the company is the official launch of the Hinch brand with well-known Boston bars.

Michael Morris, International Sales Director at Hinch Distillery, said: “At the centre of the action on St Patrick’s Day will be world famous bars in Boston and we will host a live feed on the day back to the Distillery.

“The Hinch International team will be on hand to celebrate the brand’s launch in the Boston venues and help promote Hinch products at other venues in the city, the State and the national network.

“It is hoped, with the brand’s prominence in Boston, it will be recognised as a new, serious player in what is the most important market for Irish whiskey in the world”.

Celebrations State side this St Patrick’s Day coincide with Hinch Distillery’s recent win at the International Wine and Spirit Competition (IWSC).

This month the distillery beckoned two prestigious Spirit Silver Awards for its Ninth Wave Gin and Ninth Wave Export Strength Gin — the latter designed to be the big brother or sister to the original, delivering bolder flavours and higher alcohol strength at 46%.

The accolades saw the gins receive 91 points and 90 points respectively, which is one of the highest scores that can be given to a product in the competition.

The IWSC Awards are testament to the growing success of Ninth Wave globally and they are awarded on the back of large distribution deals the business has secured with firms in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, the US, France, Germany and Poland.

Caption: Niall Martindale, Interim Managing Director, firmus energy and Dr Terry Cross OBE, Chairman of Hinch Distillery, at the 2022 Northern Ireland Food and Drink Awards, hosted by the Northern Ireland Food and Drink Association (NIFDA).