JTI launches LinkedIn to focus on its UK operations

JTI launches LinkedIn to focus on its UK operations

JTI (Japan Tobacco International), the UK’s leading tobacco manufacturer, has launched its UK LinkedIn company page. The creation of the page is an opportunity for JTI to connect with all its stakeholders and offer another channel to engage with key retailers and the Trade Media.

JTI UK will be sharing even more about its people, its community work, its reduced risk product portfolio, and offering key thought leadership pieces on the topics that matter.

UK retailers that follow the new LinkedIn page will have the opportunity to engage directly with JTI, as the tobacco manufacturer increases its presence on the social media platform, in addition to the existing JTI Advance website.

JTI Advance currently has 30,000 retailers signed up and is a one-stop site for retailers to find out further information on JTI UK’s product launches, pricing and merchandising tips, as well as trends impacting the tobacco category and advice around responsible retailing.

You can visit the JTI UK LinkedIn Page at https://www.linkedin.com/company/jti-uk