KP Snacks rolls out non-HFSS case flash and step-by-step retailer guide ahead of legislation

KP Snacks rolls out non-HFSS case flash and step-by-step retailer guide ahead of legislation

KP Snacks has announced measures to support retailers ahead of government HFSS legislation being introduced in October.

To help retailers adapt to the English regulations and easily identify appropriate products, KP Snacks is introducing product cases stamped with a newly developed KP Snacks non-HFSS flash.

The clearly marked non-HFSS cases will support retailers by making it easier to navigate the wholesale aisle and locate products free from restrictions on positioning and promotions. In-store staff will also benefit from these easily identifiable product cases, making it simpler for them to arrange and replenish non-HFSS stock.

The new product cases will be launched across KP Snacks’ leading non-HFSS brands including popchips, Hula Hoops Puft and KP Nuts. The cases will be rolled out ahead of the introduction of HFSS legislation and follows on from KP Snacks’ announcement last month, revealing its HFSS reformulation strategy.

To provide retailers with a straightforward and comprehensive overview of KP Snacks’ HFSS strategy and product reformulation programme, the manufacturer has developed a simple step-by-step HFSS retailer guide. The KP Snacks HFSS retailer guide provides retailers with top tips for optimising their CSN fixtures to prevent lost sales as they adapt to the new regulations. To create easy access to further support, the guide also includes a QR code which directs retailers to the official ACS HFSS guide.

Matt Collins, Trading Director, KP Snacks says: “At KP Snacks, we are committed to supporting retailers as they respond and adapt to the new HFSS legislation. As an industry leader, we have ensured we are prepared for the upcoming changes, and we’re working hard to make sure our retail partners feel similarly ready to continue driving category growth once the legislation is introduced.

“We are delighted to be introducing our new non-HFSS flashed cases and guide to support retailers. KP Snacks is perfectly positioned to help retailers maximise CSN sales with a growing portfolio of tasty non-HFSS products alongside our classic taste brands like McCoy’s and Hula Hoops.”

As a part of its ‘Taste for Good’ commitment, KP Snacks has been working on improving the health credentials of its products for a number of years. By the time HFSS legislation comes into play, over 100 SKUs and a quarter of the KP range will be non-HFSS, making it one of the most comprehensive non-HFSS ranges within the CSN category.

The KP Snacks HFSS retailer guide is available for download at