LMC launches second burst of ‘Truth About Beef’ campaign

LMC launches second burst of ‘Truth About Beef’ campaign
Education and Consumer Promotions Manager, Lauren Patterson

To inform consumers about the health and environmental benefits of Northern Ireland Farm Quality Assured (NIFQA) Beef, the Livestock and Meat Commission for Northern Ireland (LMC) has launched the second burst of its advertising campaign.

The Truth about Beef campaign follows local Chef James Devine on a journey to find out what makes NIFQA beef so special. Along the way he speaks to local experts to find out how NI beef is produced with the environment in mind as well as the importance of red meat as part of a healthy balanced diet.

Delicious beef recipes

In addition the campaign also shows a number of LMC’s delicious beef recipes and increases awareness of NIFQA beef cuts. The campaign will feature on television, radio, outdoor digital screens and across social media.

Speaking about the campaign, LMC’s Education and Consumer Promotions Manager, Lauren Patterson said: “It is more important than ever before that consumers are correctly informed about beef and lamb production in Northern Ireland and are able to recognise that the NIFQA logo is their guarantee of high quality beef and lamb produced on their doorstep, and fully traceable from farm to fork. The Covid-19 pandemic has markedly changed consumer habits and they have perhaps never been closer to their food in terms of its origin, quality, versatility and sustainability”.

Balanced view

“January is also typically a month when consumers think more about their diets and health and greater attention is given to meat alternatives with the so-called Veganuary movement.  It is therefore critical that consumers are given a balanced view using science based facts. The Truth about Beef campaign is founded on independently reviewed, scientific research that is discussed with and communicated by the experts.”

We were delighted with the success of the initial campaign burst in autumn 2020 in reaching a new consumer target for LMC and we received extremely positive results with many consumers actively accessing our beefandlambni.com website and media channels for information for the first time. It has given us a great platform to launch this second burst of the campaign and we’re confident we will keep improving on previous results with even more consumers enjoying the world class beef produced by our industry every day of the year.”

Second burst

This second campaign burst runs to the end of March 2021 and the roll out of the campaign will continue throughout 2021. For more information about LMC’s Truth about Beef campaign, search Love NI Beef.