McAnerney’s of Armagh – Thankful for Nisa support through the years

McAnerney’s of Armagh – Thankful for Nisa support through the years

Since its origins back in 1980, McAnerney’s of Armagh has grown and developed into a 16,000 sq ft supermarket serving the local community – and core to that success has been its long term relationship with Nisa.

As Aidan McAnerney explained, it all began in the safe hands of his father as a small forecourt and shop. It quickly grew – with its first extension in 1986, followed by a major upgrade in 2000 when Aiden took over the reins from his father.

Now, McAnerney’s features an in-store butchery, off-licence, fresh fruit and veg, deli and in-store kitchen producing its own fresh food.

“We aim to have as large a range and variety as possible – so we feature everything you’d expect from a modern supermarket” Aidan told NR. “We have had a busy deli counter for along time, and our in-store kitchen produces a lot of our own food.”

But it was during the Covid years that being a part of Nisa really made the difference.

“It was a challenging time, but being a member of Nisa proved particularly helpful. It meant that a lot of local Food Force suppliers really assisted in filling in the gaps of where we were struggling to get stock. Having the freedom to deal with all our local suppliers has really helped – with Food Force doing a lot of the local negotiating.”

These are challenging times – the cost of living crisis is tightening everybody’s purse strings – but people still need to eat. Energy costs are difficult for many businesses, as is recruitment of staff – but knowing there’s a sound business serving the community means McAnerney’s will continue to be a vital part of the fabric of community life in Armagh.