More than £100m spent in NI using Spend Local high street cards

More than £100m spent in NI using Spend Local high street cards

More than £100m has been spent by people in Northern Ireland using the High Street Spend Local cards, according to the latest figures.

The Department for the Economy said the scheme had given much-needed stimulus to the retail and hospitality sectors.

The deadline for using the cards was to be Tuesday, but that has been extended until December 14.

The £145m scheme was set up to help businesses affected by Covid-19 closures and lockdown restrictions.

Applications for the scheme opened on 27 September and closed on 25 October.

Each Spend Local card has a value of £100, and the department has been encouraging people to use them before the deadline.

Economy Minister Gordon Lyons said the scheme was delivering a “much-needed cash injection”.

“I have been told by businesses, chambers of commerce and trade representatives from all parts of Northern Ireland how important Spend Local cards have been in helping them recover from the severest impacts of the pandemic,” he said.

The minister urged everyone to use the cards, in full, by the deadline.

“It is important that every card holder spends every penny on their £100 card in order to maximise the benefit,” he said.

“Every penny counts, so check your balance and spend it all.”