Nearby opens “much-needed store” for people of Creeslough

Nearby opens “much-needed store” for people of Creeslough

A “significant joint investment” has resulted in the opening of a much-needed local community store in the village of Creeslough, County Donegal.

The Nearby Creeslough shop opened on Friday 11th November, next to St Michael’s Church, giving the people of Creeslough the opportunity to shop close to home with local jobs being supported.

Nearby have been in partnership with the Lafferty family for over 12 years and wanted to provide a facility for the local community to be able to continue to shop in their own community.

“Friday 7th October 2022 will be a day that will stay with many after the tragic events that occurred in the village of Creeslough, Co Donegal,” said Michael Skelton, MD of S&W Wholesale.

“The desire however, from people near and far to want to do something to help has been very heartwarming and we, as the retail partner of the Lafferty’s Nearby store, promised we too would stand shoulder to shoulder with them and the Creeslough community.

“Having been in partnership with the Lafferty family for over 12 years, we understand fully the impact this tragedy has had in the local area. We continue to be very mindful and respectful of what has happened, with the victims and their families being a significant priority for us at S&W Wholesale.


“Working closely alongside the local community, the Diocese, and the Lafferty family we are proud to have been able to get those much-needed services and essentials back into Creeslough. This significant joint investment opened a store on Friday 11th November next to St Michael’s Church to ensure the people of Creeslough can shop close to home with local jobs being supported.”

Michael continued: “The strength and teamwork of this close-knit community is touching to be a part of. Creeslough and beyond has supported the Lafferty family and us in getting their store opened to allow for those much-needed services back into the community. It has been great to witness local contractors, our supply partners, the Diocese, staff of the store all working alongside our symbol [Nearby] teams across ROI and NI.

“This really is a community store built by the local community and we are proud to see our support come to fruition. From all of us at S&W, we can’t thank you enough for the support and guidance and we hope that this store is a symbol of our long-standing commitment to Creeslough and the surrounding areas.”

The store opened on Friday 11th November with staggered opening hours as a mark of respect to all the victims as Novena Masses continue. Annette and Danny-Martin, owners of Nearby Creeslough said: “We have been overwhelmed by the help, support and guidance from friends, strangers, S&W Wholesale and our community of Creeslough to get the store opened.

“Your kind messages of support mean so much to us, the family circle and our great team of staff. We hope to see you in store very soon.”