Onwards and upwards for McAtamney’s Galgorm

Last October, McAtamney’s Butchers in Galgorm picked up the Neighbourhood Retailer Award for Butcher of the Year. Established in 1933 in Kilrea, the family run business has a long, robust history in the butchery industry. Since then, the butchers has developed and carried a sterling reputation by providing high quality produce, maintaining traditional values and offering excellent customer care across their branches.

There are now twelve shops across Northern Ireland employing over one hundred fully trained master butchers. For McAtamney’s, providing quality meat and customer service is at the heart of what they do.

Store manager of the two year old Galgorm branch John McFall says that although the team couldn’t believe they had won, it was well deserved with all the hard work and devotion the staff put in to what they do.

“We pride ourselves on supplying the best quality of meat and offering great customer service to every customer.

“Winning this award was by far the biggest highlight of 2018. We’ve only been open two years, and to be recognised already as an award winning butchers is really reassuring. It means all our hard work has paid off.

“We were very shocked when we won it, but I think it was deserved too because a lot of work went in to receiving that from the team here. We have a great team of boys who work very hard. For a brand new business branch, it’s brilliant to know we’re beaten our competitors and the hard work has finally paid off. We’re all really chuffed.

“Lots of people have been coming in and congratulating us, and it’s definitely brought in more business, especially over Christmas time. We’re going to be entering more awards as a result, and continue to strive to bring better quality produce every time.”

For McAtamney’s, steaks are the best sellers by miles. Sirloins, ribeye and fillet steaks are always high in demand, and award winning Tom-a-hawk steaks were very popular over the festive period too.

“In 2018 we overcame a lot of challenges in battling competing butchers and even going up against local supermarkets. But the quality of meat we provide here and the excellent customer service isn’t easily found anywhere else.

“We really do try and go above and beyond for our customers. We have a loyalty card system for our shoppers that allows them to collect points and receive discount at the end. We’ve found that a lot of people come back to us time and time again, which is always a good sign.

“In the new year we’re going to keep striving to bring great quality meat and excellent customer service. We look forward to applying to more awards this year and putting in the hard work to ensure we’re providing the highest quality of produce every time.”

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