Mandatory Masks – Shoppers Must Comply or Face FPN

Mandatory Masks – Shoppers Must Comply or Face FPN
Mandatory Masks - making it work for you and your staff

‘Shoppers Must Comply With Face Covering Law’-Retail NI

Retail NI has urged shoppers to ensure they are complying with the law as they shop. If not, they could get a Fixed Penalty Notice of £60 (or £30 if paid within two weeks).

Retail NI Chief Executive Glyn Roberts:

“Retail NI and our members will work with the Executive to get this message out to consumers that it is now mandatory to wear a face covering in all shops. We have produced posters for our members to display in their stores, which encourages shoppers to comply with this law”

“Retailers and their staff are not required to police or enforce the wearing of face coverings and it will be the individual responsibility of shoppers to comply with this law”

“We hope that shoppers will show understanding and respect to each other and remind them that a significant number of people with a medical condition are exempt from wearing face covers”

“The wearing of face covers will be difficult for some customers, but we must all play our part in reducing the spread of Covid-19 and ensure a second wave is avoided”

“Our members will continue to play their part to ensure the shopping experience is safe and enjoyable for all consumers”

NR wants to hear our readers views. Please email and let us know how your customers are facing up to the new requirements in-store or at your door.