PayPoint to increase its weekly service fee

PayPoint to increase its weekly service fee

PayPoint is set to raise its weekly service fee to help cover the costs of improved services, and will result in annual increases of £26.52 to £88.32 for some retailers.

In a letter to retailers, the company said it had reviewed service fee prices in line with the Retail Price Index (RPI), with a 4.9% rise confirmed in mid-February.

Taking effect from April, the fee increase depends on the store’s EPoS system, with changes in retailers’ service fees outlined in a letter sent to retailers.

In the letter, PayPoint Customer Experience Director, Ben Ford said that they recognise the importance and impact of doing business face to face, which is why they made “positive changes” two years ago in how they deploy their field team.

“Working in partnership on these new opportunities will ensure that you reap the rewards and improve earnings into your business, so it’s incredibly important that you work with us to maximise commission opportunities, drive satisfied customers and repeat footfall,” he said.

Commenting on the move, the Fed’s National President Muntazir Dipoti said that while it’s always difficult to accept any price increases, it was important for members and retailers to ensure they are “maximising the opportunity that PayPoint can bring” to their businesses.

“To mitigate the impact of the increase, PayPoint is committing to continuing to rebuild its relationship with retailers, engaging with its retail customers more regularly and strengthening its proposition through ‘better products, service and opportunities to generate commission and value for you and your business’,” said Mr Dipoti.

“The Health Check we launched with PayPoint last year to help members to rind the right opportunities to earn more in their stores saw thousands of retailers increase their revenues.”