Popular Gold Leaf Limited Edition papers return for summer

Popular Gold Leaf Limited Edition papers return for summer

Imperial Tobacco has announced the launch of a new range of limited edition papers in Gold Leaf pouches for 2022.

Launching in July, the new collection of limited-edition papers will be available in Gold Leaf 30g and 50g pouches until the end of September, and priced at £14.60 and £24 respectively.

There will be a series of four distinctive designs themed around the concept of individuality, diversity and creative experiences which will be rotated throughout the launch period, offering a unique experience for Gold Leaf customers.

The Gold Leaf trade outer will also feature an eye-catching new look including an on-pack flash promoting the limited edition papers to drive further awareness.

Benefiting from a high moisture Virginia blend and a distinctive sweet taste, Gold Leaf provides premium rolling tobacco features at an affordable price. Furthermore, the range has been shown to outperform similar brands from other manufacturers in blind testing, highlighting its great appeal.