Retail NI Disappointed with Executive Pathway Document

Retail NI Disappointed with Executive Pathway Document
Wrecking ball - Covid restrictions and lockdowns have been like a wrecking ball taken to non-essential retailers dependent on footfall and high street trade

Retail NI has been critical of the Executive’s pathway – revealed with no dates for its five phase plan out of restrictions.

Retail NI Chief Executive Glyn Roberts said “Sadly, this falls far short of what is needed for a viable roadmap. It lacks detail, contains vague criteria for moving between the steps/phases and gives no certainty for (non-essential) retailers to plan ahead for reopening.”

“Accepting that exact dates were not going to be in the document, the very least that could have been included should have been broad timelines to give retailers some idea of the next steps”

“While this document is disappointing, we will work with the Executive to ensure that our entire retail sector is reopened. We believe that non-essential retail, with the right preparation, can reopen at some point next month.”