Spar’s top tips for Halloween

Spar’s top tips for Halloween

Anticipation for tomorrow’s festivities is bubbling like the Sanderson sisters’ cauldron, and Spar have some sage tricks for when little monsters come a-knockin’…


Host with the Most – It doesn’t matter if you’ve decorated every inch of your house with pumpkins or created the best Halloween playlist ever, we all know that great parties are judged by one thing only; the spread. If you really want to impress but without the stress, try hacking your favourite everyday party foods by making mummy pizzas, haunted red velvet cupcakes and Guaca-mouldy with frightful dippers.


Let the games begin – You’ve got the whole family together so it’s time for some good, old-fashioned, Halloween fun. Duck for apples, bob for apples, cover them in chocolate and toffee or bake them in a tart and see who gets the slice with the coin. Who knew you could have so much fun with an apple that didn’t need a credit card?!


Fancy Dress – Uh-oh, the costume. Did you forget about that again?! Fear not, SPAR has everything you need to nail your Halloween look on any budget. Not fussed on going all out? Grab a Scream mask for £2, throw on some black clothes and off you go. Fancy yourself as a bit of an artist? Pick up a palette of face paints, add a little imagination and create a Mexican-inspired Sugar Skull look. Let your little pumpkins join in too, with a kid’s pirate costume or witchy princess and a whole host of fun accessories to complete the look.


Avoid that sugar overload – The Hallowe’en rhymers get earlier every year, but if you want to avoid all those sweets in your house and not have them eaten before the knock at the door comes, here’s some top advice from Tara Grimes, SPAR’s local fitness and nutrition expert.


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