SuperValu and Centra retailers “on track” to reach carbon reduction goal by end of year

SuperValu and Centra retailers “on track” to reach carbon reduction goal by end of year

Having set out to achieve a 12% carbon reduction by the end of 2023, SuperValu and Centra retailers have achieved a 9% carbon reduction, a year on from the launch of the €25m Musgrave Sustainability Fund.

In June last year, Musgrave announced the first of its kind €25 million sustainability fund aimed at realising this target and reducing emissions across its operations, ultimately to achieve net zero by 2040. In order to reduce emissions to net zero by 2040, Musgrave is aiming to achieve a 46% reduction in carbon emissions (Scope 1 and 2) by 2030.

So far, the carbon reduction achieved across SuperValu and Centra stores is equivalent to planting over 260,000 trees. By the end of 2023, over 26,500 panels will be installed across 63 SuperValu and 36 Centra stores generating the equivalent amount of electricity to power almost 3,500 homes entirely for a year. More than 90 SuperValu stores will have solar panels by the end of 2025.

€27.7m has been invested to date, made up of the fund combined with SuperValu and Centra retailer investment. It is expected the total SuperValu and Centra retailer investment across the whole of Ireland to be approximately €50 million once the fund is complete.


Ian Allen, Managing Director of SuperValu and Centra: “Our stores are at the heart of communities around Ireland, and we are proud that our network of SuperValu and Centra retailers are on track to reach our carbon reduction goal by the end of this year.

“Our retailers have shown real passion and enthusiasm to continue to lead by example and implement sustainability measures across their leading supermarket and convenience stores.

“Over the month of June some retailers saw 30% or more of the electricity they used come from solar panels they installed on their roofs, this is sustainability in action. We are on track and are seeing constant efficiencies and improvements being made across our retail network. Consumers want us to do more, and we are focused on doing this and working with our retail partners to make every community a sustainable community. We want to make a real-lasting legacy for generations to come.”

Stores across Ireland have implemented select sustainability initiatives based on each store’s needs and set-up, including upgrading freezers and refrigeration units, LED lighting retrofit, solar panels, and electronic shelf edge labels (eSEL).

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