TWC reveals new features in Smartview tool

TWC reveals new features in Smartview tool

Data and digital consultancy TWC has unveiled a new report within its SmartView dashboard platform that allows users to create a category review in just a few minutes.

The ‘Supplier Engagement Report’ pulls together data from the SmartView platform into one pre-formatted dashboard that summarises performance, allowing both buyers and suppliers to understand what is driving performance – and why.

SmartView is a reporting tool for wholesalers, convenience, foodservice and on-trade operators that enables the operator and its suppliers to use sales data to make business decisions based on knowledge and fact.

TWC prides itself on its technology being simple to use and intuitive, endorsed by a recent supplier survey which rated ease of use at 9 out of 10. In addition, the business has a development roadmap for each of its products to ensure that it continues to meet – and exceed – clients’ evolving needs.

The supplier engagement report was developed in response to several client requests that centred on how to identify performance drivers to aid buyer/supplier conversations. The report includes useful tools such as an opportunity calculator, which allows users to assess the size of prize attached to a defined change in key performance measures. Meanwhile, the category opportunity tab identifies the value opportunity for the supplier by achieving fair share or by growing in line with the category.

Jim Brown, Senior Trading Controller at Unitas Wholesale said: “It’s no longer enough for our traders to take a quick look at sales performance and point out to a supplier that they are not growing in line with the category, or that their share in a particular sub-category could be higher. With the wealth of data that we have access to via our TWC dashboards we realised that we could quickly identify the ‘why’ behind a supplier’s performance and therefore understand how to improve, maintain or drive their position.”

He continues: “The Supplier Engagement report pulls the relevant information together into one place and means we can then have a constructive conversation about the biggest opportunities. All the Unitas Trading team has had individual training on the platform, and they are now working on embedding these report outputs into their meeting plans.”

Tanya Pepin, Managing Director, TWC said: “We’re delighted with the positive response to the supplier engagement report. We set out to create an interactive dashboard that would allow the time-pressed buyer or category manager to quickly understand the biggest opportunities in a category. The report has had fantastic feedback and aligns perfectly with our vision for a channel that is truly data led.”

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