Tyrrells launches best ever ‘Tyrrellbly Tyrrellbly Tasty’ veg crisps

Tyrrells launches best ever ‘Tyrrellbly Tyrrellbly Tasty’ veg crisps

KP Snacks has announced the launch of its best ever vegetable crisps, achieved by investing in and developing unique processes designed to produce the perfect vegetable crisp consistently.

Rolling out from this month, the new and improved vegetable crisps are crunchier and more vibrant in colour, delivering an even better ‘Tyrrellbly Tyrrellbly Tasty’ experience.

Tyrrells, which sources the freshest, highest quality vegetables, has invested in new technology, including vertical ovens, to fry, dry and spin its Veg Crisps to perfection. Hand-cooked and lightly seasoned, Tyrrells Veg Crisps offer shoppers a delicious alternative to potato crisps.

Already the number one vegetable crisp, with a 43% share of the total category, Tyrrells is on a mission to deliver the ‘best ever vegetable crisp’, offering a premium snacking experience to make social events more delicious.

Available in three tasty SKUs Veg Crisps with Sea Salt, Veg Crisps with Balsamic Vinegar & Sea Salt and Sweet Potato Crisps with Sea Salt, Tyrrells Veg Crisps deliver a deliciously crunchy and flavourful snacking experience.

Dan Winslet, Global Tyrrells Marketing Controller, says: “The Tyrrells brand is synonymous with delicious flavours and excellent quality, and we are delighted to be launching our best ever Tyrrells Veg Crisps in line with our commitment to deliver the tastiest premium snacks.

“As the category leader, our Veg Crisps are critical for driving sales, with vegetable crisp shoppers spending more than the average CSN shopper and also purchasing more frequently.”

Worth £57M RSV and growing +3% MAT in the UK, Tyrrells products are currently purchased by over 6m households with its main shoppers falling within the 45yr+ ABC1 category. The brand has a 13.1% share of Premium Crisps and Snacks with value sales growing in the sharing segment. With an impressive 91 Great Taste Awards across the range, Tyrrells is the perfect brand to cater for those memorable sharing occasions.