Tyrrells returns to TV with £1.2m media investment in run-up to Christmas

Tyrrells returns to TV with £1.2m media investment in run-up to Christmas

KP Snacks has announced its premium snack brand, Tyrrells is returning to TV in the lead up to Christmas with its iconic ‘Tyrrellbly Tyrrellbly Tasty’ campaign.

Running from Monday 28th November to Sunday 18th December, the advert will showcase Tyrrells Lentil Crisps – a range which has grown exponentially over the last year.

Focusing on the excellent quality and taste of Tyrrells crisps, the advert features classic Pathé footage in a playful and engaging TV spot, keeping the Tyrrells brand front of mind during the critical Christmas period. The £1.2m media investment sees the TV advert supported with a social media campaign, running throughout November and December.

The advertising campaign looks to bolster brand awareness and capitalise on shoppers trading up to premium products over the festive season, with consumers willing to spend more on higher quality CSN products over Christmas.

Spotlighted in the campaign, Tyrrells Lentil Crisps are available in two flavours: Sour Cream & Onion and Sweet Chilli & Red Pepper and are perfectly positioned to capitalise on the growth of healthier snacking (up +29.2% in 12 weeks), delivering a satisfying crunch and 30% less fat than regular potato crisps.

Amy Heap, Tyrrells Marketing Manager, said: “Designed to engage shoppers and drive brand penetration at Christmas, the TV and social media campaign combines creativity and classic imagery associated with the Tyrrells brand.”