My Goodness! Dale Farm launches healthy yogurt range

Pots of Goodness launch pics

Lifestyle blogger Tiffany Brien helps launch the ‘Pots of Goodness’ range with Caroline Martin, head of marketing at Dale Farm

Northern Ireland’s largest dairy company, Dale Farm, has launched a range of fat free, high protein, zero added sugar yogurts.

The company said their ‘Pots of Goodness’ are a response to growing consumer demand for low sugar, low calorie products, with added health benefits.

The new Greek-style yogurt, available as ‘Little Pots of Goodness’ (4 x 120g) and a ‘Big Pot of Goodness’ (450g), is made with real fruit and enriched with vitamin D.

As part of its ‘goodness’ mission, Dale Farm has teamed up with local food and lifestyle blogger Tiffany Brien to support and promote its healthy eating products.

Tiffany will use her blog for recipe creations and offer simple tips on how to boost a balanced diet with exercise.

Caroline Martin, head of marketing at Dale Farm said: “Our new yogurt range is a great way to get a protein fix into your diet, and further demonstrates Dale Farm’s commitment to expand our lifestyle and nutrition range, following on from the success of Dale Farm Protein Milk last year.

“The yogurt range, available in two sizes, continues to support the company’s objective to grow through product innovation within the Dale Farm brand, with a focus on health benefits and natural offerings.”

The range is now available in stores across Northern Ireland. The multi-pack yogurts come in Strawberry, Peach & Apricot, Raspberry & Blueberry and Black Cherry.

There are three flavours in the large sharing pot including Strawberry, Peach & Apricot and Natural.

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