‘A reputation for service and reliability’ – Flogas

‘A reputation for service and reliability’ – Flogas


Flogas is sponsoring the Best Customer Service category at this year’s Neighbourhood Retailer Awards.

A leader supplier of Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG), Natural Gas and Electricity across the island of Ireland, Flogas services a wide range of market sectors and applications including industrial, commercial, domestic, catering, agricultural and automotive markets.

Since commencing business in 1978, Flogas has steadily built a reputation for service and reliability with nationwide coverage. Indeed, with a total LPG storage capacity of almost 6,500 tonnes, they operate the largest marine and inland LPG storage facilities in Ireland.

Flogas is a widely recognised brand, primarily because of its conspicuous signage found in nearly every town and village in Ireland, a result of its reliable network of retail partners. It has become a trusted name in the energy business, known for high quality products and effective marketing that boosts individual retailers’ visibility and attracts customers.

Safety First remains a priority, demonstrated through a rigorous cylinder retesting program and secure seals. A community approach allows their partner retailers to not only provide essential energy to their local community but also allows them to establish their business as a vital support system. As an Irish company, Flogas supports local jobs and communities making it a satisfying and mutually beneficial relationship.

Flogas Ireland’s group of companies is in a unique position as the only energy supplier across the island of Ireland that can offer its customers a wide range of fuels including; LPG, BioLPG, Flogas Natural Gas, Clearpower Renewables, and Budget Energy Electricity!

To find out more, visit https://www.flogas.ie/ and https://www.flogasni.com