Amazon tycoon to focus on grocery – What next for Bezos?

Amazon tycoon to focus on grocery – What next for Bezos?

Speculation as to what Amazon boss Jeff Bezos plans after stepping down as CEO is focusing on aspirations for a slice of the grocery sector.

Having passed the baton to Andy Jassy, currently CEO of Amazon’s web services division, Bezos new focus as executive chairman opens all sorts of new opportunities. Chief Financial Officer Brian Olsavsky said, “Jeff will be involved in many large one-way-door issues, as we say, one-way doors—meaning the more important decisions. Things like acquisitions. Things like strategies and going into grocery.”

With the rollout of new Amazon Fresh locations in the US and the company’s other food retail concepts, it seems clear that technology will play as big a role in the future of Amazon’s grocery presence as the actual products on its shelves. Convenient checkout-less technology is a common theme among Amazon Fresh and Amazon Go Grocery.

Amazon also owns the Whole Foods chain in the US. As Bezos assumes his new role, focused on grocery, will he work the same magic with grocery that he did with books back in the ’90s – even becoming a trillionaire?

Amazon clearly has its sights set on grocery – one to watch out for in Northern Ireland.