IFST Launches New Food Safety Knowledge Hub

IFST Launches New Food Safety Knowledge Hub

The Institute of Food Science Technology has launched a new IFST Food Safety Knowledge Hub to help consumers, food businesses and educators to consolidate advice, regulations and practical guidance on the topic of food safety.

“Every day we are reminded of the importance of food safety within the food supply chain. For example, the recent Food Standards Agency warning on the risks of Listeria contamination in smoked fish,” a spokesman said.

“The free-to-access IFST online knowledge hub provides reliable, up-to-date resources for all those needing clear and trusted scientifically evidence-based information. It covers all areas related to safety, including chemical, microbiological, and physical contaminants as well as allergens.

“It also considers topics such as analytical techniques, food safety culture and food fraud prevention. The hub is designed to serve the needs of small and medium enterprises, large businesses, consumers, and educators.”

This library of resources signposts visitors to credible guidance from food industry bodies and government agencies, alongside additional complementary IFST knowledge resources. It has been developed by an IFST Working Group, many of whose members have first-hand experience in food safety. They were supported by other members of the IFST Scientific Committee as well as the IFST Food Safety Special Interest Group.

The IFST working group continues to work closely with IFST member communities, other professional bodies and the government to equip everyone with the best advice to guarantee safety in food supply chains and also in homes.

Sue Swinbourne CSci FIFST, an experienced technical manager and lead auditor, said: “Resources around Food Safety and its importance in protecting consumers are plentiful but widespread. The IFST Food Safety Knowledge Hub helps by consolidating key scientific resources into an accessible place for all parties interested in food safety to utilise.

“It has been a pleasure to contribute as part of the IFST scientific committee working group developing the hub, supported by the IFST team and Scientific Assistant Intern. The sharing of scientific, evidence-based knowledge is a key priority of IFST and the Food Safety Knowledge Hub forms part of this, I look forward to using it and encouraging its use.”