Boost your positivity – Boost Survey shows NI shoppers are go-getters

Boost your positivity – Boost Survey shows NI shoppers are go-getters
Press Eye - Belfast - Northern Ireland - 18th September 2020 Photo by Philip Magowan / Press Eye

WHEN it comes to making dreams a reality, the people of Northern Ireland know exactly what they need to do, according to leading functional drinks company Boost.

Boost recently carried out a survey* as part of its exciting campaign ‘Choose Now’ aimed at inspiring local people to fulfil their dreams and follow their passion. The initiative celebrates go-getters who want to scale up a hobby and offers a financial boost to help them achieve their goals.

Real go-getters

84% of those polled in the Boost survey stated that they would love to pursue a side hustle and know exactly what they would need to do to achieve their dreams. 64% of those polled described themselves as ‘go-getters’ with becoming an author, qualifying as a football coach, and starting a podcast being some of the interesting aspirations among respondents.

Only 22% said they wouldn’t pursue a passion and 14% were on the fence about taking the leap of faith as it would depend on factors such as fear of failure or having the confidence to make the move.

When asked who their ideal mentor would be, interestingly The Rock, Jeremy Clarkson, Alan Sugar, Richard Branson and Mary Berry were the most popular choices!

The Boost survey also found that practice may be the key to a confidence boost as only 46% of people asked can think of five or more experiences in their life where they’ve decided to  ‘Choose Now’ and just go for it.

Prize fund

Francine Matthews, Brand Manager for Boost Drinks Ltd said of the survey “It was not surprising to hear that there are plenty of factors holding people back despite knowing exactly what they need to do to scale up, with the main restriction being money. That is why we’re thrilled to bring the Choose Now campaign to the people of Northern Ireland where we are giving all local go-getters the chance to boost their passions and hobbies with a prize fund of £5,000!”.

The share of £5,000 is up for grabs for up to five winners (£500 – £2000 per successful claimant) who need a boost to scale up a hobby or side hustle to help make their dreams a reality. For example, if you are a baker and would like some new baking equipment or are a DJ and fancy some new decks, Boost are here to lend a helping hand. For a chance to win, entrants should visit and simply state in no more than 500 words why they deserve a grant.

The Choose Now campaign comes off the back of an incredibly successful start to 2020, with Boost currently holding the province’s top two selling soft drinks** as well as being the 2nd largest and 3rd fastest selling iced drink brand where stocked in NI within the local independent convenience channel.