Businesses facing increased water bills

Businesses facing increased water bills

From 1st April 2023 non-domestic water and sewerage charges rose by an average of 13.4%.

NI Water announced the price rise for small, medium and large businesses, farms, industrial users and non-household use properties.

NI Water non-domestic customers also include public bodies, churches and voluntary organisations.

NI Water said it had “absorbed as much cost as possible” but added the company is facing “significant financial pressures from rising energy prices and other cost increases”.

The company, which receives government funding, is required to annually review the charges levied for water and sewerage services and agree them with the Utility Regulator in order that customers pay the fairest rate for the water and sewerage services they receive.

The need to raise tariffs reflects the impact rising inflation has had on the cost of providing these services to customers.


Measured customer bills will rise by 12.7%, while unmeasured and trade effluent bills will rise by 13.7% and 15.5% respectively. NI Water said this “compares favourably with other utilities across gas and electricity sectors”.

‘We are aware how challenging the environment can be for local businesses within the economy right now’

For measured customers, this means a shop or small office unit, connected to a sewer, using 285M³ of water, will pay £478, a rise of £54 per year; while a farmer using 400M³ of water, with septic tank, will pay £345, a rise of £37.

For unmeasured customers, a small to medium shop or office unit, with a NAV of £8,000, connected to sewer, will pay £366, a rise of £44.

NI Water Director of Finance, Regulation and Commercial Ronan Larkin said: “We are aware how challenging the environment can be for local businesses within the economy right now.

“In previous years, we have been able to limit the non-domestic price increase to strike a balance between generating sufficient income and minimising the impact on business customers.

“We have worked hard to ensure most of our customers will see their bill rise by less than inflation. The revenue from bill will help support necessary investment in our infrastructure, benefiting the local economy and environment.”


He added that NI Water is “mindful” of the impact of the price rises, and added it was “important that customers who may need extra help with their bill communicate with us as soon as possible”.

“Our billing team will be on hand to offer guidance, including payment breaks or longer repayment plans,” he said.

“We have enhanced our online self-service portal with a smarter navigation to help provide a better experience when paying a bill, managing account(s), or viewing water consumption details.”

Leaflets will be mailed to non-domestic customers to notify them of the price changes and how they will be applied. Customers can access further information about our charges on NI Water’s website at

Anyone with questions about their bill or our charges can phone the Billing Enquiries Team on 03458 770030.