‘Cheddar’ Days are coming thanks to Dromona

‘Cheddar’ Days are coming thanks to Dromona
Dromona took to the streets of Belfast alongside Cool FM presenter, Pete Snodden to treat passers-by.

Throughout January Northern Ireland’s tastiest cheddar brand*, Dromona has been encouraging consumers to turn the ‘worst month’ of the year into the most comforting, by ‘Getting Toastie with Dromona’. 

Dromona took to the streets of Belfast alongside Cool FM presenter, Pete Snodden to treat passers-by to a melting-ly good, cheesy toastie, made with the No.1 choice of cheddar* – Dromona, of course! Crowds gathered in Belfast City Centre, not only to tuck into a freshly made toastie but to feast their eyes on the bespoke ‘Smelter’ bus shelter. An eye-catching bus stop with a built-in sensory device that wafted the delicious aroma of toasted bread through the air.

For over 60 years, award-winning Dromona Cheddar has been made locally in Cookstown, using only the freshest Northern Irish milk from grass-fed cows.

Claire Hale and Pete Snodden.

So, it’s no surprise Dromona tops the taste-test polls, having been officially voted the No.1 Choice of Cheddar during an independent survey, conducted by the Ulster University. Taste-testers blind-tasted Dromona cheese against two leading competitors, with two out of three people preferring the taste of Dromona Cheddar – a ‘grate’ success!

Cheese lovers across Northern Ireland have been commenting on why they voted Dromona their No.1 choice:

“I am converted, Dromona’s Cheddar Cheese tastes delicious and is even better when melted in a cheese toastie”.

“My favourite Dromona cheese is the Mild Cheddar Cheese, I love the creamy texture as it melts in your mouth’’.

Claire Hale, from Dromona said: “We are delighted to launch the ‘Get Toastie with Dromona’ campaign to give our consumers the opportunity to try our award-winning cheese and find out what makes it the No.1 choice!

“During January and February, our Dromona Toastie van will be setting off on its ‘Toastie Travels’, as it visits shopping centres across Northern Ireland, encouraging shoppers to ‘Give into the Mmmelt’ and enjoy the taste of a Dromona toastie on us!”

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*To verify visit www.dromonamakesit.com/verified-no-1-choice/