Countdown to deadline for National Lottery transfer of retailer agreement

Countdown to deadline for National Lottery transfer of retailer agreement

Allwyn, incoming operator of The National Lottery, has urged any independent retailers who have not yet completed their Transfer of Retailer Agreement (TRA) from Camelot to Allwyn to do so as soon as possible by logging on at

The deadline to complete this is by 18th December 2023 at the very latest.

“With just under eight weeks to go until the TRA deadline, we’re delighted to report that over 75% of all independent retailers have now logged on and completed this,” said Allwyn’s Operations Director, Jenny Blogg.

“This is testament to the great co-operation and support we’ve seen from our retail partners, working hand-in-hand with our joint Allwyn and Camelot Retail team.

“However, we’re now working to reach those remaining retailers who have not yet signed – as we would hate for them to miss out on the exciting plans we have lined up from February onwards. We’re really grateful to National Lottery retailers for prioritising this – and for all they continue to do in selling National Lottery tickets in their stores and helping to raise over £30 million a week for Good Causes across the UK.”


All independent retailers will have received communications outlining what they need to do to complete the TRA, including:

  • Registering their store and creating an account to start the process
  • Confirming their personal details (they’ll need the last three digits of the bank account used to pay their current National Lottery invoices, as well as proof of identity)
  • Reading and signing their Transfer of Retailer Agreement

Retailers can access the portal via or by scanning a QR code featured on the communications they’ve been sent, and it’s worth noting that this process can only be completed by the store owner.

In addition to the wider independent estate, Allwyn and Camelot have also been communicating with independent Post Offices to enable them to continue as National Lottery retailers in the Fourth Licence. The majority of these Post Offices will move across in February. For those that need further support, Allwyn is in the process of contacting all of them individually to explain the next steps.

Following the 18th December Agreement transfer deadline, retailers will receive a ‘Welcome to Allwyn’ pack early in the New Year, which will contain more information on what they can expect from 1st February – including initial details of new and improved National Lottery games from March 2024 onwards. Retailers will also receive information about the training they will need to complete digitally ahead of the changeover.